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MIDWEST MINOR MEDICAL IS A GREAT VALUE!  There is  no "rooming charge" for walking in the door like at the hospital emergency room because we get paid on the same fee schedule your insurance company uses to pay your primary care provider, so it makes good sense to use Midwest Minor Medical for Non-Emergency, Walk-In Medical Care. You get the same in-network insurance discounts as if you were able to wait for an appointment with your own doctor, but it's much more convenient to walk-in today and be on your way! And if you don't have insurance, no problem! We are able to slash prices for our customers when you pay for your visit at the time, because not needing to process insurance claims is good for us, too! We love to pass savings on to you! Check out our "Pay Now Discount" pricing details page and tell all your friends!

At Midwest Minor Medical we offer three convenient payment options: 

  • Pay Now Discount Pricing  

  • File a claim with a Health Insurance Carrier

  • Worker's Compensation

The Pay Now Discount 

We created Pay Now Discount pricing to help patients who may not have

health insurance or simply prefer to pay cash. The cost of the medical service

is grouped into one of three 'Tiers' based on the need of the patient. In most

cases, some services such as in-house labs, medication shots and x-rays are

included in the price. If additional products or services are necessary, there

is full disclosure and discounted pricing. Click the link above for more details.

Health Insurance

For those patients who have health insurance, Midwest Minor Medical is IN-NETWORK with all of the major insurance companies (and most of the minor ones) in Nebraska.  When you check in we do verify insurance coverage and collect your co-payment along with information needed to file the insurance claim on your behalf.  So please bring your insurance card and driver's license and our friendly staff will take it from there.

Worker's Compensation

For on-the-job injuries, Midwest Minor Medical is committed to getting you or your employee, back to health and work in a more cost-effective way compared to Emergency Rooms.

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