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For patients who need an alternative to health insurance plans, Midwest Minor Medical offers a symptom-based, cost-effective solution.  Based on the complexity of the visit, the Cash Pay Discount Program reduces the uncertainty of the medical expenses and lowers the overall cost, and gives the patient a very good idea of what the final cost will be BEFORE they leave home.   


Three Tiers of services simplify the pricing.   Below are examples of conditions that fall into each Tier.  Some labs and tests are included in different Tiers, with a few other items that are Add-ons.  There are no surprises.  During the visit with the provider, if additional tests are needed, you will be given a complete explanation including the costs at the discounted price.  You are in control.

Tier 1  -  $125.00

Common Medical Problems or Illnesses   

Includes an office visit with a provider and one of the following:

In-house lab / Quick Test.

Feeling Weak or Dizzy

Bladder Infection

Vaginal  Discharge


Upset Stomach

Fever and Body aches

"The Flu" / Influenza

Swollen Glands

Sore/Strep Throat

Pink Eye or Stye

Swimmer's Ear

Plugged Ear

Ear Infection and Ache

Colds and Coughs

Asthma / Wheezing

Sinus Infection

Seasonal Allergy

Environmental Allergy

Insect Bites and Stings

Rash or Poison Ivy


Skin or Nail Infection

Tooth or Jaw Pain


Pregnancy Confirmation

Medication Refill

Tier 2  -  $195.00

Injuries, Procedures & STDs                                            

Includes an office visit with a provider, a re-check within 3 days and one of the following:

X-Ray / EKG / Minor Procedure / Medication Injection.

Sexually Acquired Infections

Fall or Got Hit Hard

Determine if Bone is broken

Head Injury / Concussion Screen

Small bleeding cut

Skin Injury Need Cleaned

Something in my Eye or Scratched Eye

Nose Bleeding

Infections needing Antibiotic Shot or Culture

Abscess - small, superficial

Heart Racing / Chest Pain

Allergic Reaction

Allergy Prophylaxis/Treatment

Blood Under A Nail

Sprains and Strains (Injury)

Dog/Animal Bite

Sexually Acquired Infections include an exam, UA, G/C test and antibiotic injection if needed.

Additional lab tests and cultures are available at a reduced cost.

Tier 3  -  $250.00

Injuries or Procedures, Includes a follow-up Visit.  

Includes an office visit with a provider, a re-check within 10 days and one of the following:

X-Ray / EKG / Minor Procedure / Medication Injection.

Splinter Removal

Foreign Object Removal

Fracture of Finger, Toe, or Rib

Simple Dislocation incl Nursemaids Elbow

Ingrown Toenail Excision

Lance a Boil

Thermal or Chemical Burns

Something Embedded in Eye

Got Liquid or Spray / Chemical in Eye

Stitches or Staples

Stepped On A Nail

Cut off tip of finger or nail

Repair Large, Deep or Gaping Cut

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Cash Pay Discount Program cannot be used in conjunction with claims processed through any Insurance Plan OR for visits that are part of a Worker’s Compensation Claim OR other Employer Services.

  • Midwest Minor Medical is not able to convert the records of a Cash Pay Discount Program visit to an insurance claim for processing after the fact. 

  • Payment in full is required at the time of service. We accept cash, credit cards, and personal checks.

  • The appropriate pricing tier is subject to the clinical assessment, medical decision-making, and professional discretion of the provider.  If additional services are agreed to, they will need to be paid for at the time of service.

  • Send-out lab tests, durable medical equipment, and additional services not listed will be offered at a substantial discount.  All prices are available in the clinic.

  • Prices are effective July 1, 2020, and are subject to change without notice.

We are Happy to process your medical claim and submit it to your insurance company if the insurance card and information are presented at check-in.  Regular prices, insurance contracted discounts, co-pays, co-insurance & deductibles apply. 

Cash Pay Discount Program

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