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Examples of Pay Now Discount Pricing

Below are examples of how the pricing of the Pay Now Discount applies.  We understand this pricing model is new to many so we are happy to answer additional questions.  And remember, you are always in control and you will always be told the exact price of all aspects of your visit.

Example 1

Patient has a sore throat 

         Total Cost:    Tier 1 - $125.00 office visit, includes an in-house strep test

Example 2

Patient has possible urinary tract infection (UTI)

         Total Cost:    Tier 1 - $125.00 office visit, includes urine dipstick

                              Urine Culture recommended, additional charge - $45

Example 3

Patient has had a fall and and needs an x-ray.

         Total Cost:    Tier 2 - $195.00 office visit, includes x-ray

                              Wrist splint needed, additional charge - $45

Example 4

Patient has a cut that is bleeding.


          Total Cost:    Tier 3 - $250 includes office visit and procedure for stitiches

                                Tetanus Vaccination needed, additional charge- $70

                                 Return in 2 days to check wound and 10 days for suture removal, included

Example 5

Patient has bad cough and fever


           Total Cost:    Tier 1 - $125 includes an in-house influenza test

                                  Chest X-ray recommended, additional charge - $70 

Example 6

Patient has a migraine headache


            Total Cost:  Tier 1 - $125 includes injection of Toradol for pain

Example 7

Patient thinks they might have been exposed to STD and has symptoms


            Total Cost:   Tier 1 - $125 includes urine dipstick or Rocepin shot. Discount prices for Lab tests. (See STD Testing page)


Example 8

Patient has ear pain


           Total Cost:      Tier 1 - $125 office visit, no additional testing needed

Example 9

Patient wrecked bike and needs checked out

           Total Cost:     Tier 2 - $195 office visit

                                 wounds cleaned and bandaged, included

                                 x-ray one area if needed, included

                                 x-ray additional areas if needed, $70 per study

Example 10

Patient has something in eye

           Total Cost:    Tier 2 - $195 office visit

                                Eye exam and removal of foreign body, included

                                Return visit to ensure proper healing and resolution, included

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